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What Goes into Splitting a Tooth and Why Might We Do It During an Extraction?

Posted on 9/15/2018 by Celeste Tom
What Goes into Splitting a Tooth and Why Might We Do It During an Extraction?Our surgeons will decide whether they need to split a tooth during extraction once they examine you. Sometimes the X-rays identify a tooth that will be difficult to remove and could need to be cut to make the procedure more tolerable for the patient and easier on the surgeon.

We are always conscious of making the best decisions for our patients, and in many cases splitting teeth is a good alternative during a difficult extraction.

Reasons for Splitting a Tooth

If the surgeon determines the tooth can't be pulled out in one piece, it will be split. The reason for this is to make the extraction easier on the patient and avoid excessive bleeding and manipulation that results in additional pain and soreness.

Once the tooth is split into smaller pieces, taking out one usually means the others will loosen up making the process faster and easier. Moreover, splitting the tooth can stop the surgeon from cutting into the gums, which could lead to more pain following the procedure.

Splitting is also done to protect adjacent teeth from the rocking motion used to loosen a tooth. When trying to loosen up a tooth for extraction, other teeth may be damaged.

In addition, if there is tooth decay and the piece is already weak from it, the surgeon could decide to split it even before the surgery starts. In most cases we can tell by looking at the X-rays, whether a tooth will need to be split.

You can rest assured we will always do all we can to make any oral surgery as painless as possible and our surgeons will use all the techniques at their disposal to make this happen. We will give you as much information about the procedure as possible during your surgery consultation, so please ask us any questions you have.

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